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The Great Sphinx

Launches the Tour guides Movement,The first festival of the Egyptian Tourism Campaign,Which aimed to invite 1200 tourists To visit the Pharaonic monuments free of charge in the period from 7 to 12 April, accompanied by more than 30 volunteer tour guide

The festival program includes a visit to the pyramids and all the sites in Luxor and Aswan and the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Ramses.

Reference : youm7

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Asian Ambassadors

The Asian sector, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Tourism Board organize a visit to the Pyramids area joined a group of Asian ambassadors and agents of Asian travel and tourism,With the slogan“Visit Egypt . Support Democracy”


The other hand, participants raised a slogan to express sympathy to the people of Japan in the plight in the wake of the earthquake and flood, which swept the country and the deaths of thousands of victims, and the move was a source of appreciation from members of the Japanese embassy and Japanese television.

Reference : the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Giza Pyramids

Organize a group of young Egyptian tourist carnival on Friday at the foot of the pyramid contributing in promoting tourism in Egypt, which was affected to a great extent during the past few days.

the Carnival aims to emphasize that Egypt is a country of security and safety, hospitality, and it is safe with its people, which include receiving tourists from around the world at the Pyramids of Giza.

the youth  Invites people to participate in this carnival so that the 2 million people back to their work in tourism, suggesting that on March 25 of each year (World Day of the Pyramids), expressed their readiness to receive all suggestions and ideas that contribute to the promotion of tourism in Egypt.

Reference : youm 7

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Luxor is preparing to launch a marathon to promote tourism, starting in front of the Temple of Karnak under the auspices of “one million tourists” association ,business owners in Luxor and foreign residents.

Kamal Al Kurdi, expert tourism in Luxor, the marathon will begin at ten in the morning visit the Temple of Luxor with guides explaining the features of the temple, and then starts a race running after Friday prayers from the Temple of Luxor to Temple of Karnak, the path of the Corniche, and ends with  honoring the winners.

Reference : youm7.com

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group of youths Organize , a major celebration for the revitalization of tourism in Egypt, where they called the celebration “EL Moez Street Carnival”, on Friday, at nine in the morning in front of Al-Hussein Mosque.




Gather a number of Youth to draw the Egypt flag on faces for free, and then moving in the direction of “El Moez Street” , and ending the march at “Bab EL Fotouh” at eleven in the morning, and after Friday prayers at Al-Azhar Mosque, or Hussein, or Mosque of al-Hakim, in the end Be gathering at the “Bat AL Shaer”, where the Concert will be held ther

Reference : youm7.com

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A group of young people on Facebook, made an event inviting everyone to the “two million Marathon” on March 18, at Giza Pyramids area to promote tourism. The Marathon will start in front of the Great Pyramid.

Ahmed Maher, who is responsible for the group, said that the aims of the marathon are two things, the first call to boost tourism and the return of tourists to Egypt, and the second, is collected one million participant  or more to shape the form of pyramids, or write sentences for tourists to promote tourism.

Reference : youm7.com

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